One Square Mile (x-members of Pennywise, Saccharine Trust, Circle Jerks & More)

Anchors Aweigh Presents

One Square Mile (x-members of Pennywise, Saccharine Trust, Circle Jerks & More)

Red Stinger, The New Narrative

Fri 7/20/18

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm (event ends at 12:30 am)


This event is 21 and over

$5 Advance & Day of Show

One Square Mile
One Square Mile
One Square Mile started as an experiment of sorts. Rob Holzman, John Mccree and Earl Liberty had run into each other at shows in and around the South Bay. Having all been in several bands before, the idea of starting something new was kicked around. Earl having been out of the music scene since the spring of 1984 reluctantly agreed.
Practice space in Hermosa Beach’s Abalone Lounge was booked and thus it all began. With only small parts to songs John had, the three began to jam. As time went on the John, Rob and Earl began to file share musical parts and starting constructing songs. By fall of 2016 it was time to find a front man. Several ideas where thrown around, but they finally selected Noel Neville, who was a member of The Resolutions. Recorded songs were sent to him and he came in ready to put lyrics to music. He did not disappoint. His voice and lyrical content were perfect for the type of music the band was putting together.
As time went on it was time to name the band. Again several ideas were thrown around, but given band were all living in or from Hermosa Beach the idea of a hometown themed name seemed right. Add to that, Hermosa Beach is essentially credited to giving birth to west coast punk rock with Black Flag, Circle Jerks, The Descendants and Pennywise all calling this area home.
"One Square Mile" came up and stuck. Inspired by the size of our town (basically)...Hermosa Beach is 1.43 square miles...rounded down to 1.
In the summer of 2017 the One Square Mile’s debut EP was released on Felony Records. Recorded at Hermosa Beach’s Screaming Leopard Studios, and engineered by Ian Petersen, the Kickin’ Rocks EP brings together the traditional fierce South Bay punk rock sound, coupled with some new sonic elements showcasing each members musical talents.
Also released was the band’s debut video for the single Judge, Jury, Executioner: and Dying Breed at
Since starting this venture. Rob Holzman has been replaced by Hank Jacobson on drums due to health issues.
Band Members
John Mccree – Guitar
Bands: Zerodown, Fat Wreckchords. CD with A Lifetime to Pay. Capitol Vices Ltd. War Called PeaceYuppie Ghetto Toured with: AFI, Sick of it all, Good Riddance, Death by Stereo, Offspring, Incubus, Blink 182, Buzzcocks & Pennywise:
Hank Jacobson – Drums
Bands: CON/800, Pennywise, Nip Drivers, Social Task, American Jihad, Capital Vices LTD, The Berzerkers. Recordings1980 Alterboys, CON 800 1 with Doug Carrion and 1 with Roby Rogers, Pennywise Unreleased EP 1988, Nip Drivers Pretty Face Ep, Nip Drivers Dirt My Hole Ep, Fish Sticks EP, Fish Sticks Comp, I Hate Megan EP, Generator 3 recordings, Social Task 3 record- ings, CVLTD, Berzerkers 1st Better Days Ahead & Berzerkers New record no title yet Resides in Huntington Beach, CA
Noel Neville – Front Man
Bands: P.K.G. (Poor Kids on Glue) Recorded to EP, Illegal Aliens, The Resolutions Recorded on full length Album and One EP Born: Inglewood, CA, now resides in Hermosa Beach, CA
Mark “Earl Liberty” Vidal – Bass Guitar
Bands: Pre-Slovenly with Tom Watson and Rob Holzman. Saccharine Trust, SST Records, Pagan Icons.Circle Jerks from late 1981 to spring of 1984. Cameo in “Repo Man” Toured with: Black Flag, Shared the Stage with The Minutemen, Misfits, Husker Du, Necros, Youth Brigade, Social Distortion, Suburban Lawns, X, plus many more. Resides in Hermosa Beach, CA.
Red Stinger
Red Stinger
A phenomenal group of musicians that enlighten a music community of friends that we consider our family. To strengthen each other and stand against injustices that divide people and oppress them. Motivating others to stand strong and rise up against the injustices that seek to destroy individuality and equality.
The New Narrative
The New Narrative
Punk Rock
Denver, CO
Venue Information:
Streets of London Pub
1501 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO, 80218