BOSS 302 - 25th Anniversary Reunion

Anchors Aweigh Presents

BOSS 302 - 25th Anniversary Reunion

The Landgrabbers, The Vanilla Milkshakes

Fri 8/24/18

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 11:59 pm)


This event is all ages

Boss 302
Boss 302
Boss 302 began in Denver in early 1993 and by Summer of that year were a sensation for their refreshingly fun, irreverent and energetic rock shows at venues like the Lions Lair and Seven South.

For the time they were a completely unique mix of old school garage rock and punk, jangly 80’s college rock and contemporary trash rock. Along with, and perhaps most importantly, a sincere (and humor-filled) celebration of full-on FM hard rock which embraced the kind of showmanship that caught nearly everyone off guard -- prompting a range of reactions from excitement to sheer disgust among the underground music fans of the day. Even when too drunk to play they always stood out, and still do after decades of imitators have wandered off with all the loot.

Two full length l.p.’s, a smattering of seven inches, a live EP, countless live shows and 25 years later they are back for a one of a kind reunion. Older, sure but fully prepared to bring the Rock like still nobody else can. This is the lineup that wrote and recorded their second, and many think finest l.p., Whatever Happened to Fun, in 1997-98...same guys. They’ll also play several cuts from their first, and many think their finest l.p., Rock Songs, along with early singles and they will do it well, believe me. There are no new recordings, no attempts at a rejuvenated relevance -- just the good stuff that's still relevant because they invented it. You've either heard of the legendary performances or were there for them: now’s the chance to see and hear the real deal done by the actual band.
BOSS 302
The Landgrabbers
The Landgrabbers
We have created a monster. A monster so hideous fathers buy ammo, mothers weep, and daughters swoon. A monster so fierce, it shoves punk, country, and metal down the throats of Denver's unsuspecting citizens.....And the citizens are thankful.....They are also confused. What kind of monstrosity can meld such polar opposites? How can this rock and roll behemoth combine the uncombinable? The answers lie not in what the monster is, but in what it is not. It is not a monster. It is a Grabber. This Grabber takes the best of punk, country, and metal and creates sounds so on point angels from both above and below hang their heads in jealous shame. The only thing left to Grab is territory.

We are Landgrabbers.

We are coming.

You are welcome.
The Vanilla Milkshakes
The Vanilla Milkshakes
We are a high energy punk / grunge band who will, as per contract, rock off your socks. Not just your regular ones. We'll blow your thick comfy socks off!
Venue Information:
The Oriental Theater
4335 W 44th Ave
Denver, CO, 80212